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Business Intelligence refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products or departments or associated costs and incomes. For years, executives have strive to access critical information that will enable them to take their organization to the next level. From manually compiled reports to robust spreadsheets, core business application reports, web-based reporting portals and more. In fact, the need for business intelligence solutions has never been greater. The gap between the amount of available information and our ability to digest it using traditional methods is growing quickly.

FlexOrbits are ready to help you close the information gap using Microsoft technologies and our simple, effective business intelligence roadmap framework depending where, and to what degree your company has deployed business intelligence solutions.

Critical Success Factors of Business Intelligence Implementation
Following are the critical success factors for a business intelligence implementation:
  • Business driven methodology & project management
  • Clear vision & planning
  • Committed management support & sponsorship
  • Data management & quality issues
  • Mapping the solutions to the user requirements
  • Performance considerations of the Business intelligence system
  • Robust & extensible framework
FlexOrbits can help fill in the gaps and take your "business intelligence" to the next level. To make this happen, we follow a simple, yet effective three-step process:

Business intelligence assessment begins with a comprehensive discovery process. During this process, we identify specific business practices and metrics that materially impact the productivity and profitability of your business. We carefully analyze existing decision support tools and their impact at individual and corporate levels. Discovery can take anywhere from days to weeks depending on a company's organizational readiness, size and technological depth.

Information collected during discovery fuels the business intelligence roadmap, a simple framework that helps clarify decision support objectives, align them with enabling technologies and create an actionable deployment plan. Decision support criteria are categorized as Monitoring, Analytical or Predictive and Weighted according to relevance. Most organizations begin with simple monitoring tools which allow them to quickly view critical business information and performance metrics. These are typically scorecards, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) designed to help drive accountability and alignment across the organization. Analytics take things a step further by helping to easily analyze and identify trends, opportunities, and threats in your data and share that information throughout your organization. The most advanced type of business intelligence is Predictive. Predictive tools are used to simplify business planning, budgeting, and forecasting. leveraging predictive business intelligence often requires substantial changes to internal decision processes and a great deal of "top down" endorsement.

Once you have the appropriate mix of monitoring, analytical and predictive intelligence in place- we'll work with you and your team to measure short and long term results. As a business intelligence technology expertise, will help you identify areas that are delivering, areas for improvement and new opportunities to improve the overall decision support process.

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