Database Migration
Data Migration is the process of importing legacy data to a new system. This can involve entering the data manually, moving disk files from one folder (or computer) to another, database insert queries, developing custom software, or other methods. The specific method used for any particular system depends entirely on the systems involved and the nature and state of the data being migrated.

FlexOrbits provides with an efficient and cost-effective alternative for database migration which minimizes the risks of failure, and budget and schedule overruns. We can assist with all or a portion of the database migration/conversion, as well as support multiple migrations of nearly any size or scope. Client can upgrade their user base. Our database consultants work closely with your internal project team to create a cost-effective and accelerated migration plan. We share the potential risks and the associated mitigate plan, and benefits you by minimizing the cost of migration and rapidly port the database, allowing for reduction in system downtime during the transition. Restructure/Transform schema and data with ease during migration. Rapid database migration requires databases, ensuring data integrity with no loss of data.

Our expertise in phases of migration project:
  • Analyze and define source structure (structure of data in the legacy system)
  • Analyze and define target structure (structure of data in the new system)
  • Create data extractions from the legacy system
  • Cleanse the data extractions
  • Import the data extractions into the new system
  • Database migration (schema + data)
  • Application conversion
  • Testing
  • Tuning and Deployment
Our service offering available:
  • SQL Server 6.5/2000 to SQL Server 2005 Migration and Porting
  • Oracle to MS SQL Server Migration and Porting
Database Porting
FlexOrbits Migration and Porting Services help your business to migrate from software or application or database to another application and database with no loss of data. Services includes database migration and porting, database migration, database porting, application migration, data porting and database server porting. We work as a migration and porting specialist, and take care of cross-platform compatibility challenges. Our specialized skills have enabled several technology companies achieve cross-platform compatibility. We use proven methodologies and technologies for porting and migration.

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