e-Commerce Web Sites
Electronic Commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of e-Business where sales, purchasing or simply trading is done over online with help of Internet. As a custom e-Commerce web site developer, provide you with the fastest, easiest way to design and host a e-Commerce web site. At present, more and more consumers are turning to the web for their needs, and this trend is set to continue. If you have products or services to sell, and you don't offer them in an online e-Commerce web sites, you're missing out on a huge potential source of revenue for your business. FlexOrbits Web Solutions can help you grab your share of the market.

Total UK online sales for the last quarter of 2007 are expected to come in at £17.6bn, up 82 per cent on the £9.6bn recorded for the same period in 2006.

Source: IMRG, January 2008

How do I succeed with an e-Commerce web site?
Working with you to gain an understanding of how your business tricks, and then putting all of that knowledge into an e-Commerce web site and solution that's designed to work the way your business requires it to, and not the other way round. 79% of UK Internet users made a purchase online in 2007.

Source: OxIS Report 2008

Bespoke e-Commerce web site design
Flexible Product Catalogue
  • Flexible site navigation allowing for easy product browsing by product grouping
  • Display an unlimited number of products, product groups and product subgroups
  • Automated site navigation features including menu navigation and breadcrumb trail
  • Customized Section Summaries/landing pages
  • Bespoke product page layout
  • Specify shipping weights for each product
  • Support for multiple product images, custom defined fields
  • Display featured products in their own prominent panel
Shopping Basket & Secure Payment Features
  • Fully featured shopping basket including product summaries, quantity and totals
  • Seamless integration with a range of leading online Payment Service Providers, with industrial strength security
  • Request a Quote - Support for customer-generated enquiries/quotations
  • Modify or amend product quantities directly within the basket
  • Shopping basket summary visible on every page
  • Order confirmation emails are sent to customer and shop owner automatically
  • Orders are saved to a secure database, for peace of mind
Powerful Searching
  • Easily search-able by keyword across the entire site
  • Filter search across a subset of categories
  • Powerful searches across all product details on the site (product names, codes, brands, descriptions, product values, meta data, etc.)
  • Refine product searches by ordering results, by Product name or by Price
Flexible Shipping Models
  • Fully comprehensive, flexible shipping features
  • Choose between International Shipping or UK only
  • Charge for shipping based on weight or order value
  • Offer free delivery over a set order value or weight to increase sales
  • Multiple carrier support (e.g. Royal Mail, UPS, etc.)
  • Define and manage your own delivery zones
e-Commerce Marketing Features
  • Featured products - promote your featured products by highlighting them on the home page of your site. Useful for offers such as deal of the day, clearance items, recommended products, etc.
  • Keep your shop fresh - rotate your featured products to ensure maximum visibility.
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