e-Learning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or program of study where the person rarely or never meet face-to-face, nor access on-office educational facilities, because they study online. The e-Learning industry continues to evolve, change and advance continuously, every day, and common methods and tools necessary to create and maintain content and infrastructure applications.

FlexOrbits try to implement the common standards for things such as Content Metadata, Content Packaging, Application Programming Interface (API), Interoperability, Learner Profiles, etc. We have a full compliment of trained professionals available to help you with every phase of e-Learning - computer based training development(CBT)/ web based training development(WBT), from instructional design to implementation. FlexOrbits e-Learning solution training evaluation and development follows a predefined process of: Needs Analysis, Instructional Design, Deployment and Testing. We design course templates and work with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create your own professional quality training programs.

We custom design CD-ROM delivered training that can be used as a stand-alone training course or one that can be a supplement to an Instructor-Led course. Our modular development model ensures that courses are developed quickly and economically. Our team designs special templates based on the type and quantity of information contained in your training materials, as well as the proposed delivery method(s). We then blend your information to create modules, which are combined into courses. A course can contain as many modules as necessary, and you can add or modify courses at any time. This method of approaching course development allows for greater flexibility, shorter development times and lower cost.

Delivery Options - e-Learning Solutions
Computer and web based training courses can be designed in almost any configuration, resulting in delivery models that precisely meet your needs.
  • Stand-alone CD-ROM - no reporting.
  • CD-ROM with simple reports which are e-mailed automatically.
  • Hybrids which integrate video on CD-ROM with access to selected Internet/Intranet sites for dynamic content.
  • Networked solutions providing access to all employees within the network and reporting to a central database.
  • Internet courses providing access to employees worldwide with simple e-mail reports.
The courses we have provided in e-learning will give you a thorough understanding of the software development life cycle, tools and techniques used in various phases of the development cycle. We have also provided references and links for you to investigate further.

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