Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. A content format is an encoded format for converting a specific type of data to displayable information. Content formats are used in recording and transmission to prepare data for observation or interpretation. Multimedia is one of the most fascinating things happening today. Integrated audio and video has proved to be working miracles. More and more people are jumping on to the bandwagon. Apart from image enhancement, multimedia saves a lot of money. Efficient multimedia content visualisers team up with equally efficient FlexOrbits' programmers to work wonders for our clients and their businesses. An In-house dedicated team of visualisers, an in-house video edit suite, script writers with caps - all contribute to world class products. Not to talk of the prompt delivery schedules at reasonable prices. FlexOrbits expertise includes MPEG, JPEG, GIF, Maya, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw. Read more about Technology Expertise.

Bizcard (Business Card) CD-ROM Presentations
Gone are the days of flashing a printed Business Card. Flash out a CD-ROM. These are styled in the shape and size of a standard credit-card. These CDs can be played on any standard CD-ROM drive, just like any other CD. We will incorporate a multimedia presentation for you, on the CD-ROM. Right at your client's desktop, a complete working demo of your product may be given. These cards will continue to market your products long after your salesman has left the scene. Best of all, you can order in small quantities too! What a way to eliminate competition by the scruff of its neck.

Corporate Presentations
Selling a concept or product involves a lot of talking. And depending on the impression you create, you close a deal. That is being really mean. We'll give you an audio-video corporate multimedia presentation on CD-ROM or cassette. Impress your customer, and watch the cash box ringing. Imagine, if you have a large industrial product to sell, you can even provide a working demonstration of the machine, right at your customer's desktop. That's critical in today's tough 'show me' economic climate. Whether you are selling, motivating, training or informing, do it in style.

Television Ad-Films
The television is the biggest thing happening to advertising. The television has more addicts than to cigarettes or liquor. Why don't we consider tapping this medium for advertising? An in-house Digital Video (DV) Edit Suite, naughty script writers who churn out persuasive storyboards, a team of dedicated and experienced multimedia technicians, all contribute to make us the best choice for the production of your TV commercials. We know exactly how to tell your 20-day story in 20 seconds, inclusive of awe-inspiring animations. We create TV commercials that become the talk of the town overnight.

3D Modeling / Animation
Complex 3D Modeling and Animations have been one of our specialities. Our expertise in the area of realistic modeling, animation and real-time rendering has been widely acknowledged. Our multimedia capabilities include modeling of objects from scratch, application of realistic textures, rendering in real-time, and dynamics. This means, that even before you make the actual product, we will be able to help you actually determine the best possible design of your product, so that it meets your expectations in performance, when manufactured. 3D game programming is also part of the show. We are one of the few design houses who have full capabilities in using Quest 3D.

Video Production
We have been helping some of India's top clients enhance their communications through the multimedia, using video. Whether delivered on tape, CD-ROM, DVD or through the Web, our experience in this media is extensive.

Website Design & Development
Starting from designing and developing your web site to a planned online marketing campaign and e-Commerce solutions, we can help you take full advantage of the Internet.

Testing Services
We provide testing services for Web Applications, e-Learning Programs and Online Games. We have a team of certified and experienced professionals.

Game Development
A huge array of interactive and online games can be designed and developed using Macromedia Flash and Shockwave. The key components of any online game design includes: storyline, visuals, goals of the game, rules, challenge and interactivity. These components are implemented through multimedia files (graphics, animations, videos, programming scripts and sound or audio files). The games can include both online and offline versions. Users can download offline games and play it at their convenience. The various categories of games that can be designed and developed include:
  • Arcade Games
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Word Games
  • Puzzles
e-Learning brings with it new dimensions in education and training. We use the full potential of the digital media - streaming audio and video, animation and simulations - to offer a unique learning experience. Read more about e-Learning.

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