Outsourcing Approach
FlexOrbits Outsourcing Approach is designed to assist you reap best out of offshore outsourcing. Continuous refinement and improvements to our outsourcing methods from lessons learned with our existing clients makes it best-in-class. First phase of an outsource/offshore engagement starts with an analysis of the requirements through client interview. Best approach for individual clients are derived based on this analysis.

Phase 1: Engagement Analysis
Outsourcing specialists from our offshore development center starts an analysis to learn the risks involved, business objectives, and business goals for each outsourcing endeavor. Outsourcing approach is customized in consultation with the customer, explaining what is best fit for the specific engagement. Each study considers the following:
  • Outsourcing requirements
  • Key business objectives
  • Outline the process flow
  • Identify possible process re-engineering avenues
  • Risk and bottlenecks identification
  • Finalize what to outsource and how FlexOrbits can help
Outsourcing analysis report, detailing the outcome is submitted to the customer team. Customers are welcome to make alterations, suggestions or conduct discussions with FlexOrbits offshore team to refine or understand the process. Engagement is taken to the next phase, once the customer representative approves.

Phase 2: Outsourcing Contract Finalization
Now that FlexOrbits outsourcing experts have understood the requirements and derived a suitable approach, a detailed outsourcing plan is prepared. This project plan will define milestones and deadlines for each activity as below:
  • Action points and responsibilities
  • Preferred/suggested outsourcing team structure, with reporting hierarchy
  • Suggested skill requirements
  • Problem/Issue escalation methods
  • Service Level Agreement signoff
  • Contract signoff
  • Quality charter document signoff
In order to get into the next phase, customers are expected to sign the above mentioned documents.

Phase 3: Implementation Strategy
For any outsourcing effort to be successful, customer need to understand that knowledge sharing and conquering the risks and issues are of prime importance. A well planned Outsourcing Implementation Strategy is put forward for the customer. Implementation strategy consists of:
  • Offshore risk mitigation plans
  • Team hierarchy and reporting points
  • Re-engineering existing process as per the Phase 1 Analysis Report
  • Resource Introduction and sharing of contact details
  • Knowledge transfer of the outsourced processes
  • Establishing communication channels
  • Smooth transfer of process to the offshore development center
  • Parallel runs to close any unknown risk areas
This is the most vulnerable phase of the entire engagement, but our software engineers are experienced to make it smooth. Preparations for this phase start from phase 1, and plans are put in place to cover as many risks as possible.

Phase 4: Monitoring and Management
Now that the outsourcing process is in place and both teams gained appreciable level of confidence, we need to define the Monitoring and Managing process. This would involve:
  • Continuous monitoring of new risks and define mitigation plans
  • Identification of overloaded resources in the hierarchy
  • Monitor Process bottlenecks and make improvement plans
  • Monitor overall turn around time and define threshold levels
  • Provide corrective and preventive actions for issues
  • Use patterns documented from Phase 5 and improve monitoring
Project Managers of FlexOrbits outsourcing team is entrusted with the above responsibilities and regular meetings are conducted with the customer representatives to appraise the situations.

Phase 5: Lessons Learned Documentation
Lessons learned are documented and securely stored for references in a document management system, accessible for the customers and FlexOrbits outsourcing team. This document will serve as a ready reckoned in identification of risk patterns, issue patterns and failure patterns in all future outsourcing endeavors. Project Managers from either side can thus accurately predict and mitigate risks/issues/failures and manage the outsourcing endeavor better.

FlexOrbits process is based on ISO 9001:2000 concepts of Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA)

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