Product Enhancement & Maintenance
Product Enhancement: Improvements to an existing product that are intended to extend the life or improve significantly the marketability of the original product. Product enhancements normally require their own product design and may require a redesign of all or part of the existing product.

Product Maintenance: Activities undertaken after the product is available for general release to customers to correct errors or keep the product updated with current information. Those activities include routine changes and additions.

To satisfy ever-changing market requirements and to be victorious in the market, an outsourced software product company has to continuously evolve its products by
  • Quickly identifying new functionalist that satisfy the requirements of customers and incorporating them into already products.
  • Integrating an existing product with additional software platforms, using new generation integration concepts like EDI, XML, etc.
  • Adapting existing products to web services.
FlexOrbits product development team brings together years of experience working on many product enhancement engagements addressing diverse needs. Our product enhancement offerings cover: Offshore FlexOrbits team is well versed in upgrading your existing products in an efficient and systematic manner. We evaluate and incorporate new features in your products, adding functionality or an advanced interface making the product up-to-date.
  • Corrective software product maintenance: To resolve the corrective, incidental issues and errors.
  • Preventive software product maintenance: To plan and implement the action to avoid future problems based upon past incidents, anticipation, feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Adaptive software product maintenance: Adoptions are made to the application as a result of external factors.
  • Perfective software product maintenance: To carry out functional modifications.
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