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FlexOrbits an offshore software development company have been providing IT Services to Industries Business and Government in the Western Europe, United States & South East Asia. As a bespoke software development company, we provide IT services in a highly flexible business model that suits the exact need of the project onsite and offshore. The onsite services are provided by FlexOrbits professionals at customer's site. FlexOrbits in India provide the offshore components of the project. Our range of services reflects our focus and flexibility.

Software Development
FlexOrbits concentrate on quality software development laying the emphasis on meeting unique business needs of our customers. We create efficient solutions, maintaining high quality software development and constantly seek to exceed customer's expectations. If a customer believes that their needs are unique and want to put their ideas into practice, custom software development technologies can address their issues. "Our goal is to have our experience help you get success." Our strength lies in our ability to solve complicated, non-traditional problems within a limited timescale, complying with the highest quality standards. We strive for long-term co-operation with our customers. FlexOrbits is committed to provide high quality and economical software development services. Read more about Software Development

Web Development
FlexOrbits has been developing web design and web applications to small and medium enterprise & large enterprise. Our services include web development, web application development and custom web application development. We have capacities and experience enough to create, launch and support a website of any complexity and scalability. Read more about Web Development

Application Maintenance
FlexOrbits has been developing web applications since its inception. We offer a full range of custom software development and web development services. We start from software development/preparation, transition activities, problem analysis, modification analysis, implementation and finally, the last software maintenance process. We can help you create a feature-rich online storefront to sell your products and services, an Intranet application to distribute information securely amongst your employees, or an extranet application to facilitate communication between your company and your clients or vendors. Read more about Application Maintenance

Offshore Development
Name your organization's "mission critical" application. Now imagine it breaking down, stalling, or malfunctioning. What kind of havoc does this wreak on your operations, your customers and your revenues? With dependable, expert enterprise application development solutions from FlexOrbits, you can prevent this from happening to you and your business. We custom software developer team works exclusively on behalf of the customer at the service provider's site or their own captive site in a secure environment. Read more about Offshore Delivery Model

Application Management
FlexOrbits application development services will partner with your IT staff to ensure all your application maintenance needs is met. We have the dedicated staff, processes and the expertise to take on the responsibility of maintaining your existing portfolio. We work with you as an extension of your staff, in a true team environment. The key to our success is a strong on-site team, supported by experienced offsite/offshore resources. The result is long term relationships with our clients. Read more about Application Management

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Applications (commonly known as Mobile Apps) are getting more and more popular among netizens. Mobile Apps significantly improve business application's usability with rich user interface experience and content. Updates are quicker and help users stay connected with their business network and applications on the web through updates. Smartphone platforms on Android/iPhone OS/Windows Mobile/Symbian/Blackberry etc are gaining momentum and users prefer to work with Mobile Apps today. Businesses around the globe are interfacing their web applications using Mobile apps. Read more about Mobile Application Development

IT Consulting
IT consulting is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives faster. FlexOrbits offer a comprehensive IT consultancy services designed to give our clients knowledge and access to all, which technology can offer. We always take a practical approach to all projects, most small to medium sized businesses which do not have vast assets for consultants and technology, and we get on and make an effort to keep costs as low as pragmatically possible. Read more about IT consulting

Web Hosting
A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. FlexOrbits offers ad-free web hosting, domain names; free website and email address services. Our affordable hosting makes FlexOrbits the best place to host your small business website or personal website. Our reliable ad-supported free web space services are also ideal for first-time webmasters. We are your web host for everything from webdesign, internet marketing tools, domain names, email addresses and powerful web hosting services. Read more about Web Hosting

Domain Registration
We offer TLD & CCTLD domain names with 36 different extensions. (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.).Our hosting solutions are ideal for small static websites to big dynamic portals. Read more about Domain Registration

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