Software Development Methodology
Software Development Methodology of FlexOrbits is a framework that is used to structure, plan, organize direct and control the process of developing information systems. A wide variety of such frameworks have evolved over the years of experience, each with its own recognized strengths and weaknesses. One system or software development methodology was may not be suitable or used for all projects. As a custom software development company, we customize all sorts of software’s and web applications to the customer needs. Each of the available methodologies is best suited to specific kinds of projects, based on various technical, organizational, project and team considerations.

Based on the collective experiences of our development team, the FlexOrbits Methodology was put into practice to ensure that every project starts with a well defined course of action. How does it work? The FlexOrbits Methodology is a step-by-step process, with each step cycling into and building upon the other. Along the way, our clients can expect to work with dedicated team members who are familiar with the project and can answer questions and deliver results. These dedicated team members include project managers, project leaders, developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists. Each team lends their skills and strengths itself.

The FlexOrbits Development Methodology is an approach to the entire Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that has been derived from 'best practices' over a number of years. It is light-weight to avoid cumbersome overhead, and flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of scenarios.
  • Understanding the business goals of the client organization
  • Requirements gathering
  • Evaluation of project requirements
  • Document of understanding with client
  • Selection of best technology solutions
  • Creation of detail design document
  • Rigorous test plan and quality assessment
  • Scope Change and Modifications
We typically begin a project by working closely with your business experts to ensure we clearly understand the business problems and what you are trying to achieve. We also recognize that business priorities and approaches may change over time, requiring a flexible approach to application design and development. Our skilled base of consultants has proven their ability to work in changing and uncertain environments.

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