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Teams working together even though they are geographically separated, make communication and reachability a challenge. Communication is important for any Outsourcing endeavor to become successful. Keeping this in mind, Customers are provided with an online issue tracker for logging all the support issues they have. A direct call-in phone number is provided for each customer to facilitate one to one communication. Other popular methods that are convenient for our customers, like Skype (PC to PC calling), Instant Messengers (Yahoo/ MSN Live/ AOL) are suggested. This website is equipped with a customer support Live Help, which could be another means to contact our development team. FlexOrbits understands the importance of communication. We are proposing the following channels.

Voice (Skype)
The cheapest mode of communication would be the use of Skype (Skype Website). Skype works on peer-to-peer voice calls, with very less bandwidth usage and extremely good clarity of voice. This requires an installation of the calling application on both the computers (Instant messenger window like application, available as a free download). Best of this type of call is that it is completely free of any charges.

Voice to Mobile phone or Telephone (Skype)
Skype provide calling to any number in India for as cheap as a local call in US (Price from Skype website - India any Number $0.20). This works from the Instant Messaging like application provided by Skype. The calling user has to dial the Indian telephone number from this application.

Conventional phone to Conventional phone
FlexOrbits can setup a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone calling facility. This will provide our customers the facility to have a conventional phone, when dialed directly rings in India office.

Issue Tracker (Mantis)
Mantis is a popular issue tracker. Issues tracked using such tools make the entire communication log available for later reference. One can attach files to issues to elaborate the scenario. All issues are logged in to a database. FlexOrbits team will look at the issues based on the priority and update responses on a daily basis. All in all, it gives clarity on the entire communication.

Email Communication
FlexOrbits will provide support email address, which can be used in case a type written communication is required.

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