Value Proposition
A Value Proposition is an analysis and quantified review of the benefits, costs and value that an organization can deliver to customers and other constituent groups within and outside the organization. It is something that helps to provide some form of additional satisfaction to the client as a result of using a good or service over the products offered by a competing organization.

FlexOrbits Value Proposition - Overview
A global technology services and outsourcing company, FlexOrbits designs and implements high performance business solutions. The company offers leading edge technologies, informed decision-making and well-defined processes.

Software Development Methods
The FlexOrbits development methodology is an approach to the entire SDLC that has been derived from 'best practices' over a number of years. It is light-weight to avoid cumbersome overhead, and flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of scenarios. Read more about Software Development Methodology

Quality Processes in Software Project Management
Businesses that would like to outsource their software development and IT requirements are faced with a number of concerns. Their biggest concerns are the risks involved with respect to quality, on-time delivery and return on investment. Business processes are monitored and integrated into IT services across the entire organization. We aim to continuously improve our processes and establish an infrastructure that institutionalizes effective software development and management processes across all projects. Read more about Quality Software Development Process

Technological Competence
Once opportunities are identified and prioritized, we execute projects with our experience and knowledge. We are equipped with the necessary technical competencies to support all Internet initiatives. Our technology is business-driven and we possess technological infrastructure like network services, hardware, software and security required for development. Our technological solutions are flexible enough to accommodate changes and are customizable to our customer's needs. We believe that technology makes life simpler and are open to working in any kind of technological environment. We advocate the use of new technologies that enable us to customize our solutions to individual customer needs. Read more about Technology Expertise

Customer Service and Communication
We propagate a culture of world class customer service as we recognize the fact that sound internal service is what spurs external service. We intend to provide speedy, innovative, cost effective and accurate solutions to make every business a successful one to keep pace with the increasingly competitive environment of today. We enable our customers to realize their business goals with our innovative IT solutions and individualized client care. We are totally dedicated to converting emerging technologies into perfect IT solutions. Read more about Support & Availability of FlexOrbits

Organization Mission
With our beliefs, the future can only look promising as we continue to build our team with the best Indian talent and mould them into our quality-oriented culture. We will find our niche in a competitive world by excelling at what we do, following our guiding principles and most importantly, listening to the needs of our customers.

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FlexOrbits is a STPI Registered Company.
When you contract or outsource a project to FlexOrbits, you automatically get the assurance of top-notch quality and industry best practices approach that conform to universal standards. We have in place a stringent Quality Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Security Policy, and a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the solutions that best